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Skedula is school management system to "empower teachers and instantly provide snapshots to parents and students to better drive instruction and learning."

What can I get out of using Skedula:


1) If you're a parent:

  • Check your child's grades, transcript, attendance, handouts, homework etc.

  • Full online grade book, with cool graphing components to help you better understand your Child's progress

  • Be able to message your child teachers

  • View what your Child's class schedule looks like

2) If you're a student

  • Keep up with your grades, handouts, homework etc.

  • View your grades on your teacher's online grade book

  • Get a copy of your class schedule

  • Get a copy of your transcript

  • Be able to message your teachers


Follow the following instructions to log on and use Skedula:

Logging on:

  1. Go to

  2. If you've never used Skedula, you'll be promoted to "Sign Up".

  3. If you have used it before, sign in using your email or 9-digit ID number and password.

  4. If you are having trouble logging in, scroll to the bottom to read more.



​​Home Page:

  1. This is the first thing you see after logging in:

  3. Just from the home page you can get to the student's:

  • Grades

  • Teachers

  • Subject Classes

  • Attendance

  • Progress

  • Class Schedule etc


  • Click on "Grades".

  • Then click on "Transcripts".

  • You can view the transcript "by subject" or "by year".

What do I do if I can't log in?

Follow these instructions:

  1. Contact us at We will try our best to solve the issue

  2. If you aren't able to sign up because you don't have the "Registration Code" get in touch with your guidance counselor and ask them for the registration code.


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