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Why We're Proud Governors


"I try to personalize learning by letting my students know how important their identity is to me and that I want to see them for every part of who they are because they matter and are valued in our space. I constantly seek out opportunities to learn more about my students' cultures and where their family comes from."


- Jaylene Lorenzana, Guidance

"I strive to create meaningful and engaging lessons where students are able to see themselves as successful lifelong learners." 


-Caitlyn Maceli, Teacher


"Coach Johnson has always been in my life,” Morgan said.  “He has always inspired me to do my best and keep pushing.  See the finish, bow down and keep pushing through the line.” 


-Tracy Morgan, Alumni

"I am a proud Governor because  DeWitt Clinton High School School community works extremely hard and is very committed to creating the best learning experience for all of our student athletes ."


-Sidney Valerio, Alumni & Parent

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