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How To Apply

Take a moment to review our pathway programs below. Program codes for school selection are next to program titles. The DOE school guide is also at the bottom of the page for reference.

Tour a Macy Honors Classroom

Program Code: X10J

The Macy Honors program is a screened program for students who 

   * Have an 85+ average

   * 90+ attendance rate

   * Interested in taking many college courses

   * Seek an edge for SAT exam preparation

Macy Honors has its own wing and take specialized College preparation courses that help students explore colleges, set goals, and visit schools. In addition their college prep class provides PSAT/SAT prep through our partners at Princeton Review to support students scoring above 1,200 on the SAT exam

Tour the Clinton Dance Studio

Program Code: X10M

This new, improved dance department at Dewitt Clinton High School provides a holistic dance experience. The Dance Department seeks to provide an education that curates the application of knowledge/skills, contextual understandings and artistic expression. These crucial avenues of dance propel students to be able to apply their knowledge of dance  in kinesthetic, cognitive and collaborative realms. Within the courses studied over time, students experience a curriculum that enconmpasses: technical application, improvisation studies, history/ lecture, performance skills,collaborative studies, community building/global integration, repertory, and choreography classes. Overall the content studied within this program prepares students for both concert and commercial performance realms. These skills prepare students for college dance programs/ and career readiness.

Tour The Clinton Art Studio

Program Code: X10L

In the Commercial Art CTE program, students have the opportunity to learn industry standard software and applications, as well as having access to the latest technology and printmaking equipment. The program is designed to allow students to explore careers in
printmaking, graphic design, fashion design, and other commercial arts. The overall goal is for students to
produce professional quality designs, products and merchandise, which can be used for College and post
secondary career training and admissions portfolios.

Tour The Clinton Music Production Studio

Program Code: X10N

In the music production CTE program, students do the work of an independent music producer. As independent producers students create music using various Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platforms. This course focuses on mastering industry standard tasks and procedures that enable students to compose original contemporary pieces as well engineer them to be published. The techniques practiced in this course develop skills using computers, acoustic instruments, and both software and hardware to create their productions

Tour The Clinton Computer Science and Engineering Program

Program Code: X10K

In the Computer Programming CTE program, students learn how to communicate with technology. This means aquiring the skills to design and build a robot, program it to move, build an app for a mobile device, construct a custom web site, conduct powerful analysis on mountains of data, and learn the essentials of several programming languages. Students in this program will graduate with an internship ready portfolio of work and be prepared for further study as an engineer or computer scientist

Tour The Clinton Health and Hyrdroponics Program

Program Code: X10A

Teens for Food Justice’s (TFFJ) Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Career and Technical Education (CTE)program addresses student achievement around the topics of urban farming, hydroponic systems, and environmental sustainability. Students gain technical skills in alternative farming techniques and advanced knowledge in human impacts on natural systems, as well as become empowered as ambassadors advancing the food justice movement by growing the majority of their school cafeteria’s fresh produce. Students during their time at DWC Agriculture/Environmental Sustainability program will learn through the lense of sustainability about creative skills in food production, farming, entrepreneurship and food justice in theirBronx Community. Students will have an opportunity to learn skills in STEM, Engineering and agriculture with a focus on Hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

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