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Faculty Members:

The 2018-2019 School Faculty

Administrative Team:

Mr. Pierre Orbe - Principal

Ms. Felicia Bray - A.P Guidance

Mr. Steven Deep - A.P Operations/Athletic Director

Mr. Peter Volkert - A.P. Security

English Department:

Ms. Preya Singh - A.P. English

Ms. Marroquin

Mr. Lennon

Ms. Mendez

Ms. Hagan

Ms. McAnuff

Ms. Paulino

Ms. Santillan

Mr. DeWitt

Ms. Bartels

ENL Dept:

Ms. Preya Singh - A.P. English

Mr. Lawlor

Ms. McSpadden

Ms. Center

Mr. Fawell

Mr. Shank

Ms. Karlin

Ms. Bishop

Social Studies Department:

Ms. Carrie Neset - A.P. Social Studies/MACY

Ms. Wise

Ms. Martinetti

Mr. Ballerini

Mr. White

Ms. Aibani

Ms. Hoey

Ms. Krazmien

Ms. Murphy

Math Department:

Ms. Jennifer Lovejoy - A.P. Math

Mr. Phillips

Mr. Oeckel

Ms. Ilogu

Ms. Torres

Ms. Boateng Asa-Ntow

Mr. Igbineweka

Ms. DeMartino

Mr. Rubin

Ms. Naqvi

Science Department:

Mr. Brandon Weinberg - A.P. Science

Ms. Sun

Mr. Little

Mr. Hoeger

Ms. Suarez

Ms. Toure

Ms. De La Rosa

Mr. Cericola

Ms. Bowman

Ms. Zea

Ms. Maceli

Mr. Miller

Special Education Department: 

Mr. Corbett Beder - A.P. Special Education

Mr. Puentes

Ms. Smith

Ms. Gunter

Ms. Leslie

Mr. Comeaux

Ms. Swanson

Ms. Jimenez

Ms. Laudonio

Ms. Taveras-Pena

Ms. Riggins

Ms. Bautista

Mr. Erazo

Ms. Hirschberg

Ms. McLaren

Ms. Hall 

Ms. Burke-Soall 

Art and Music Department:

Ms. Sotello

Ms. Alvarado

Ms. Reibesehl

Mr. Jackson

Mr. Bayless

Mr. Di-Masso

Mr. Polanco 

Physical Education and Dance Department:

Mr. Osorio

Ms. Nunez

Mr. Reyes

Mr. Fabian

Mr. Johnson

Ms. Cheeseboro

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