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Health Careers SLC:

At DeWitt Clinton High School, we have a Montefiore Clinic in the building! We partnered up with Montefiores School Health Program.

"The Montefiore School Health Program (MSHP)—the largest and most comprehensive school-based health program in the country—provides coordinated primary and preventive healthcare to public elementary, middle and high school students throughout the Bronx."

In other words, this means students aren't inclined to miss a school day for less critical medical issues.

The Montefiore Clinic provides students with:

  • Physicals

  • Vaccines

  • Medication

  • Counseling

  • Sick-Care

  • Injury-Care

  • Counseling

  • Health Education

  • Dental Cleanings & Exams

  • Dental Fillings & Sealants

  • And Much More!


Contact Us: 
Montefiore School Health Program 
DeWitt Clinton Educational Campus
Second Floor, Room
Phone: 718-549-8022

All students must be enrolled in order to see our providers. In order to enroll your child with the Montefiore School Health Program, complete and sign this consent form and have your child return it to the Clinic in Room 262B.

The amazing staff:

  • Amy Rowe, Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Tunisia Prescott, Senior Clerk

  • Susanna Banks, Community Health Organizer

  • Saviana Smith, Social Worker

  • Roseann Seymour, Senior Dental Assistant

  • Debra Sperling, Dentist & Dental Director

  • Antonia Giordani, Licensed Practical Nurse

  • Neal Hoffman, Pediatrician & Medical Director (Not Pictured)

A Medical Room

The Dental Office

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