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Clinton Bucks:

Clinton Bucks is a new system implemented as an incentive for students and their parents to be more involved with their school and rewarding them for it.

How will Clinton Bucks work?

Students will receive a “Clinton Bucks Card,” which contains 20 blank red squares. When the students has earned Clinton Bucks, he/she will get their card punched. Each square punched will value 10 points (Bucks).

How can students earn Clinton Bucks?


  • Come to school on time, before 8:15 AM.

  • Have your parents attend Parent Association Meetings and other school events.

  • Pass all your classes, including 9th period.

  • Join sports, clubs, and participate in school activities.

  • And much more!

How to redeem your Clinton Bucks?

Drop your Clinton Bucks card off at the Clinton Bucks Bank to redeem your points. Points that can be used to exchange for merchandise and snacks from the G.O. Store in the cafeteria!

How do I view my Clinton Bucks?

To keep track of your own Clinton Bucks, log on below with you school email and password. Each student has their own account set up for them!

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