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The Clinton School of Performing Art & Design:

You have always wanted to explore the arts, but right now it’s either a hobby or an elective course in your school.  Here at the Clinton School of Performing Art and Design students are immersed in a four year arts sequence that prepares students who are interested in arts based careers.  Students can explore a sequence in instrumental, vocal, or fine arts.  Students who have always been interested in learning an instrument can develop into true musicians through this dedicated course sequence that begins with learning to read music through Keyboarding and exploration of different instruments via Intro to Instrumental Music.  The goal of these students is to perform in the DeWitt Clinton Marching Band.  Students who are interested in singing can learn how to use their voice both as a soloist and within an ensemble.  Fine Arts majors will have the chance to build their artistic skills in drawing, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and senior art studio.  Students will perform in the annual Spring Concert, in addition to various outside performances.    































































Assistant Principal: Steven Deep 

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