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Clinton Computer Science Course Catelog

PLTW Computer Science:

Computer Science Essentials (2018-19 school year)

Students will experience the major topics, big ideas, and computational thinking practices used by computing professionals to solve problems and create value for others. This course will empower students to develop computational thinking skills while building confidence that prepares them to advance to Computer Science Principles and Computer Science A.

Computer Science Principles (2019-20 school year)

Using Python® as a primary tool, students explore and become inspired by career paths that utilize computing, discover tools that foster creativity and collaboration, and use what they’ve learned to tackle challenges like app development and simulation. This course is endorsed by the College Board, giving students the opportunity to take the AP CSP exam for college credit.


Computer Science A (2019-20 school year)

Students collaborate to create original solutions to problems of their own choosing by designing and implementing user interfaces and Web-based databases, as well as creating a game for their friends or an app to serve a real need in the their community. This course is aligned to the AP CSA framework. 


Cybersecurity (2020-21 school year)

Whether seeking a career in the growing field of cybersecurity or learning to defend their own personal data or a company’s data, students in Cybersecurity establish an ethical code of conduct while learning to defend data in today’s complex cyberworld. Beta version available Fall 2018 and full course release for 2019-20.



What is PLTW:

PLTW provides a four year course sequence that allows students to deeply explore their pathway majors on a level that provides college readiness preparatory course credit.  In fact, students who score an A or B average in a PLTW course and pass the end of year exam with a minimum score of 6 out of 10 can receive College Credit on their transcript.  Students can graduate with as many as 12 college credits from any of the pathway programs shown below.   The following programs provide college credit: 















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