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Macy Honors Early College Program:

You have always wanted to challenge yourself and take advanced courses.  Macy Honors Early College Program provides an early college experience through the wide array of Advance Placement courses that cannot be found in many small schools.  In addition, Macy students also have the chance to take College Now courses through Monroe College starting in the 10th grade.  In the 11th grade Macy students can take Sociology in the Fall and Philosophy in the Spring.  Entering 12th grade students will take courses at Lehman with their currently enrolled students. 




Students at Macy Honors also take a 4 year sequence in Foreign Language, Arts, and Electives in Biomedical Science or Robotics.   The wide range of elective courses allow these students to really personalize their experience here at DWC. 

In this well established, highly regarded honors program, students will be challenged to excel academically, encouraged to develop leadership qualities, take advantage of internship programs, summer programs and partnership opportunities. Students will be prepared to succeed at the most competitive colleges and universities through rigorous coursework which consists of honors-level core subjects, with an emphasis on Math and Science, Advanced Placement, college preparatory courses, and college courses taken in nearby universities. A strong academic foundation coupled with enrichment opportunities help to develop well-rounded student preparing them for higher education, to be a productive citizen, and to continue our legacy of successful graduates.


The Mission of the Macy’s Honors program is to educate and rigorously challenge high achieving, internally motivated students to succeed and meet the evolving college requirements of the 21st century. Macy honors and Advanced Placement courses expand and deepen content knowledge and foster a respect for becoming self-motivated, independent lifelong learners. Continuing our legacy of excellence, we empower our students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers by providing boundless opportunities and a path to extraordinary futures.

Students Receive

  • Selection for Advanced Placement courses upon entry in 9th grade for AP World History.

  • Access to 8 Advanced Placement Courses.

  • Elective College Credit Courses through our partnership with Monroe College and Lehman College.

  • 4 years of Science (Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, AP Biology)

  • Access to other Pathway courses including Project Lead the Way’s Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Biomedical Innovations, Engineering, Robotics, Instrumental, Figure Studies, Painting, and more.  

  • 4 years of Foreign Language including AP Spanish. 

  • All Students have an opportunity for Advanced Regents Diploma   

Assistant Principal: Carrie Neset

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