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Global Community SLC:

The Global Small Learning Community for Newcomers will provide well rounded education with special emphasis on academic language acquisition. Our students will be a contributing and active participant of the school community. They will become productive citizens and they will develop a strong sense of identity and respect. We want our students to develop a high level of fluency in the language. We also want our students to develop a sense of identify that will allow them to step into the world bravely. We want our students to become leaders and become a positive influence in society.The Global SLC for Newcomers staff will work hard with our students to provide for each student the best education possible with the cooperation of the parents and the administration.

The Global Small Learning Community creates a challenging learning environment that promotes high expectations for all students. Our students thrive in mainstream classrooms across the curriculum, through level appropriate instruction allowing for a personalized classroom experience.  Students will accelerate their language fluency through the use of Rosetta Stone in their ENL course.  In their Core Subjects (Math, Science, History, ELA), students will receive integrated supports through an ENL Teacher and Core Subject Teacher working together to adapt materials to meet student needs.    


Our small learning community strengthens the students’ sense of identity and helps them understand their role as a contributing member of society.  Global Students are integrated into the other school pathways at DeWitt Clinton Community, which include:

  • The Clinton School of Health Professions 

  • The Clinton School of Engineering

  • The Clinton School of Performing Art & Design  

  • The Macy Honors Early College Program  

Students work with their counselor and make a choice, determining which pathway is right for them.

Assistant Principal: Preya Singh 

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