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Past & Present Principals:

Pierre Orbe

"Nothing is accomplished without hard work"

2017 - Present

Geraldine Ambrosio

"Always be true to yourself and your fellow man"

1999 - 2013

Michael Simmons

"You are prepared to meet the future head on"

1990 - 1993

Alan Weissberg

"Our success or failure is usually not immediately evident"

1971 - 1976

Walter Degnan

"Dedicate yourself to the purpose of the society in which you live in"

1948 - 1970

A. Mortimer Clark

"We have instulled in you a love of freedom and tolerance for all men"


Arthur Wolfson



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Santiago Taveras

"Making DWC the High School of choice for all families in the Bronx"

2013 - 2016

Norman Wechsler

"You can do it and have done it and will do again in the future"

1993 - 1999

David W. Fuchschy

"Embued with richer and deeper values to guide you"

1976 - 1990

Carl Goldberg



John Walsh

"The 'Book of Rules' seems sadly in need of being brought up to date"

1946 - 1948

Francis H. J. Paul

"For even greater achievements than those of the past"


John T. Buchanan

"Clinton's future in the new building appears unusually bright"


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